Easy to prepare Vegan Mashed Potato Pancakes

Mashed Potato Pancakes

Make spare steamed potatoes into an incredibly easy recipe! It doesn’t matter what time of year the leftover mashed potatoes are made; they don’t need to be the boring, un-cooked afterthought. Now it’s possible to make leftovers into delicious vegan mashed potato pancakes. How could hot crispy vegan potato pancakes be so bad? It’s easy recipes that can be made in just minutes and is also customizable. Do you have bad taste for cheddar? Give me your favorite cheese. Are turkeys still available?

pile of vegan masked potato pancakes

For the love of pancakes

Potato pancakes have always been one of my favorite guilty pleasures in the kitchen, long before I became vegan. At the same time, it was the number one meal I missed the most when I made the switch to a fully plant-based diet. I tried many different variations of ‘ regular’ pancakes with plant-based ingredients but they never gave me that Sunday morning breakfast enjoyment I used to experience. Can you imagine my excitement when I first tried these vegan mashed potato pancakes? I was stunned by the results!

Let’s talk mashup

It will be affected by leftover mashed potatoes used in the recipe. It should be ideally fluffy, very soft and have surprisingly neutral flavours. I usually add a little mustard to my vegan mash, which will appear in potato pancakes. If this was true, the potato could be used in some savory dishes such as vegan fish pie or vegan ham.

Making these without eggs

Usually a potato cake doesn’t need an egg substitute (they will be able to provide vegan eggs substitutes). Its very simple as adding the ingredients to the fry pan. Of course, the texture won’t be as similar as with a thin, traditional batter.

Pea milk

Regular pancakes consist of two non-vegan ingredients: milk and eggs. The milk part is easily replaceable with one of the many plant-based kinds of milk that are widely available these days. My personal favorite is pea milk! This might sound weird but don’t worry it’s not green and looks just like any other plant-based milk. Not only do I love the taste but it scores very high in nutrients and has a low impact on the environment. Have you tried it already?

If you are a cheese lover then there are more and more vegan cheese option available to finish your meal.

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Serving suggestions

They taste wonderful in themselves or with chopped onion and tomatoes on the side. It’s possible for you to add some sour cream or crème fraîche or add to your larger meal for the day.

Why do my vegan mashed potato pancakes fall apart?

If they fall off because they get too squishy or wet there may be a lack of flour. U can best use an all purpose flour Troubleshoot the problem if you add 1 tablespoon more flour each. this is to improve consistency, mixture should be quite dry and have an odd stickiness but not fall out too easily.

Why are my vegan mashed potato pancakes not crispy?

You can’t cook potatoes with fried rice unless the pan and the oil is heating up properly. During baking, oil will vaporize. Avoid overcrowding your skillet when preparing too many pancakes in one sitting.

What is the difference between hash browns and potato pancakes?

Potato pancakes and hash browns are excellent choices, but have many important differences. Potato pancakes usually have mashed potatoes, and hash browns usually have diced or chopped potatoes. Brown rice is often cooked rather than deep-fried like mashed potatoes pancakes.

Tip: Use an air fryer!

If you don’t want to make this simple recipe in a pan fried with some vegetable oil you can also use an air fryer. Not only don’t you have to wait at the pan frying you potato pancakes it’s also healthier because you’ll use less oil.


What do you think of this recipe? Let me know below and don’t forget to take a look at all other recipes. Still having doubts about a plant-based diet? Read why plant-based diets are healthier and how a plant-based diet can reduce inflamation.

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