My Journey: Becoming a plant-based minimalist

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Let me tell you why I started this blog to share my journey to a new lifestyle of a plant-based minimalist. One that makes me truly happy and gives me a true feeling of satisfaction. I’ll try to be as honest as possible and also tell you about all the let’s call them less successful attempts I made during this journey. Because it’s only failure when you give up!

How it started

During the 2020 pandemic I spend, like almost all of us around the world, most of the year in stay-at-home orders or even lockdown. Spending all this time at home by myself was a real eye-opener for me. I’ve always cared about the environment but seeing what was happening to the world really made me realize: something needs to change. But what? And how? How could I get rid of this feeling of being dissatisfied with my apartment, my stuff, my body, my life?

Becoming Plant Based

This one was an instant change! Over the years I’ve met a couple of vegans and I always admired how they could make such a big change to their lives. I could understand becoming a vegetarian. I did that myself a couple of times. But cutting meat, milk, and especially eggs from my diet? This all changed when one night a friend of mine texted me she was watching The Game Changers on Netflix. She told me this was absolutely something I needed to see! Normally I always tell people “yeah sure I’ll watch it sometime” (and never will) this time I switched the TV to Netflix and started watching. Already halfway through this documentary, I told myself: This is what I am going to do, right now! The main reason? Seeing how animal products affected my body did it for me.

Becoming Minimalist (in the making)

So, step one of my journey becoming a plant-based frugal minimalist was in the pocket! But it wasn’t enough. My apartment is always messy and despite making many attempts to Marie Condo-ing everything I own after two weeks I was back at where I started. And every time I looked at my own mess, I was unhappy. I was 36 years old and couldn’t even declutter my living room or keep all my clothes in my closet. Instead, everything was everywhere. Room by room, closet by closet I went on a full decluttering trip! It took some (a lot) time, effort, mistakes, and most of all discipline and I am not even close to a ‘ real’ minimalist but I am getting there!

Two or one?

Becoming a plant-based minimalist might seem like two major changes in life. For me, it doesn’t feel like two major changes but actually only one change in life. Now I live a life where I feel most comfortable. It gives me joy, it made everything so much simpler. The only change I’ve made in my life is starting to care about myself and what I need in life. I hope this blog will inspire you to maybe make the changes I’ve made. Maybe only some of them, all of them, or maybe even none of them. But most of all I hope my journey will inspire you to find out what works for you!

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