How to become a minimalist family: 8 tips

Clutter from kids toys

Anyone can find living a simple lifestyle difficult. It is about letting go of items and not cramming everything into every square inch of your home. It also entails altering your routines so that fewer things enter your life in the first place. When you have a large family, whatever adjustments you make are much more difficult because you’re affecting the habits and belongings of many people rather than just one. So how can you become a minimalist family?

Why you should become a minimalist family

Minimalism is linked to reduced stress, more productivity, and a better overall sense of well-being. That’s logical. After all, less time spent cleaning, organizing, and making decisions means less time spent cleaning, organizing, and making decisions. Minimalists frequently extol the benefits of having more mental and physical space, as well as a more meaningful life.

We’ve been attempting to keep things as simple as possible. While we still have a long way to go, we have made some progress, which makes life a lot easier! We believe it is possible for a large family to embrace minimalism. Here are a few pointers to help even large families begin their minimalist path.

1. Declutter Frequently

Large families may require more regular decluttering, not just because of the increased number of people but also because they progress through ages and stages at a faster rate. Baby things, for example, must be preserved or donated once the child has outgrown them.

Organize a decluttering day once a month. Anyone can look through their papers and other belongings and donate or discard whatever they don’t need. You may discover that your family needs this decluttering day more frequently or less frequently, but once a month is an excellent starting point. If you let things pile up, decluttering can become a full-time job, so plan ahead.

It may seem tough at first to embrace minimalism as a large family, but it will make your life so much more serene and enjoyable in the end. These recommendations are a wonderful place to start if you’re wondering how to become a minimalist household.

Toys can create a mess around your living room

2. Make use of color-coding

Color coding can be a lifesaver when it comes to products that must be unique to each user. Having a color assigned to each person makes it easier for everyone to stay organized and accountable. Color-coded dishes, towels, backpacks, water bottles, and electronics are all examples of color-coded products. In the meanwhile, you can buy goods in those colors or use colored stickers.

3. Share items that are common

Certain things are ideal for use in a community setting. Of course, every household is different, but seek methods to reduce duplicate things. If your family never goes on family bike trips, for example, you might be able to get away with only having one of each size. Electronics are frequently shared. You don’t need a television or a shampoo bottle for each member of your household.

4. Learn cooking

Cooking delectable from-scratch meals is doable without owning every appliance known to man. I feel that having decent knife skills and using a cutting board would serve you better than buying a lot of various equipment. Invest in a decent knife, a good cutting board, and a good Dutch oven instead of all the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets. Then enroll in a course to learn how to use them!

Cooking together can also be a great family activity

5. Accept a minimalist way of life

Letting go of stuff, especially those with emotional attachments, is one of the most challenging aspects of minimalist living. Take a step back and consider how you might create a minimalist lifestyle in your home. This covers habits and beliefs like enjoying something for a while before letting it go. Instead of exchanging stuff for the sake of exchanging them, give thoughtful gifts. Instead of purchasing specific products, learn to “make do” with what you have—always prioritizing relationships, freedom, and time over material possessions. Make more informed purchase decisions to reduce waste.

Try to live in a tiny space if at all possible. Houses nowadays have gotten out of hand, and we don’t need as many square feet to have a fulfilling existence. Aside from their large residences, many families also have a storage unit or two. Smaller homes will save you money because they are less expensive to buy or rent, as well as to heat and cool. You will save money by decluttering for minimalist living. You will also save money by getting rid of storage units.

6. Avoid excessive artwork

In a large family, artwork and crafts can quickly accumulate, so start decluttering. The truth is that keeping everything is simply not realistic – as difficult as it may be to part with your children’s works! One solution is to photograph projects before discarding them. You’ll have the memories without the clutter this way. Make a point of keeping just the most unique items. Keep only a few high-quality goods in your home to simplify your life.

7. Laundry

There is a lot of laundries when there are a lot of people in the house. It can make a great difference if everyone’s outfit is more organized. Reduce everything to the bare minimum that everyone requires. A few shirts, sets of underwear, and pants, as well as one or two nice ensembles, is a good starting point for most people. For people who live a simple lifestyle, capsule outfits are highly trendy.

To go even more minimalist, consider sharing socks. Purchasing basic white or black socks for everyone saves time when it comes to matching them. Depending on your children’s ages, there may be additional clothing that they can share.

white and blue textiles on wire during daytime

8. Begin by learning about minimalism

The majority of people are unaware of minimalism’s advantages. You don’t start to change your opinion about consumption until you learn about minimalist life. Reading about other families who have successfully transitioned their family to minimalism may inspire some families to take action.

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