How can creative reuse ideas help minimalists?

reuse old jars as containers

We’re all about embracing minimalism’s power. Less material and clutter can lead to greater independence, productivity, and happiness. Minimalism liberates you from material possessions and allows you to focus on what you truly require.

Letting go is an important element of the minimalist lifestyle transition, which usually entails getting rid of items and tossing things away.

But, before you grab a garbage bag and start throwing things away, take a moment to think. That waste bag will be delivered to a landfill, where it will be burned or buried, causing environmental damage.
So many everyday items that you might consider tossing out might actually be put to good use. We’ve put together a handy list of objects that can be reused rather than thrown away.

Corks and wine bottles

Wine bottles can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including ornamental lighting, single stem vases, storage containers, and more. Using wine bottles as plant watering bottles is one of our favorite wine bottle hacks. Fill a clean wine bottle halfway with water and place it upside down in the soil. Water will slowly drip from the bottle, ensuring that your plants are well-watered.

Save the corks as well for upcycling and reuse. Wine corks are excellent for crafts such as coasters and stamps. They can also be used as garden labels or to keep fruit flies away from your fruit basket.

Reuse jars to keep your pasta

Cans or containers

Although glass and metal can be easily recycled, why not reuse them to reduce additional packing and waste? Bulk food items, desk organizers, and bathroom containers can all be stored in glass jars or old coffee canisters. Beyond food canning, mason jars can be used in a variety of ways; in fact, many pasta sauce businesses employ jars that are great for food preservation. Have a lot of narrow-necked beer bottles lying around? Make a set of drinking glasses out of them! Or how about a wine rack or coffee can display shelves?

Furniture that has seen better days

Instead of throwing away old furniture, refinish or restore it. Disassemble and repurpose the wood from broken furniture. To make shelves, shadowboxes, or bulletin boards, hang drawers on the wall.
You can reduce your environmental footprint, save money, and repurpose your trash with a little innovation! What recycling and reusable household goods can you think of?

Bathroom items

Scrub hard-to-reach areas with old toothbrushes, such as grout and beneath faucet fixtures. Alternatively, clean old toothbrushes and repurpose them as brow brushes, hair color applicators, cleaning equipment, electronics, and other delicate or difficult-to-clean objects. Empty toothpaste tubes can be used as a funnel or a frosting tube for decorating cakes by cutting off the bottom.

Waste from the laundry

Don’t throw away those old dryer sheets if you use them! They work well as dust rags, especially for removing pet hair. They’re also wonderful for removing soap scum and polishing chrome! If you’re extremely dedicated, you can even turn them into a dress. Collect dryer lint to make recycled paper or paper mache, as well as compostable seed pots.


Keep old toothbrushes in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other areas that you clean. Toothbrushes can be used to clean a variety of items, including jewelry, fabric stains, and even your computer keyboard. Just make sure to label which toothbrushes are for cleaning the house and which are for brushing your teeth!

Reuse your old toothbrush to clean narrow spaces
reuse your old toothbrush for cleaning narrow spaces

Boxes made of cardboard

Don’t just shred your cardboard boxes and toss them in the recycling bin. Keep them for your next move, or turn them into a fun playhouse for kids or pets. Lay an old towel inside a cat house and sprinkle some catnip – your feline will be unable to resist!

Towels and clothes

Don’t throw old towels, clothes, or bedding away! Make washable cleaning rags out of them! Alternatively, check out these fantastic Pinterest ideas for upcycling old clothes into new ones! Why not make gorgeous braided rugs out of those damaged t-shirts? If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can turn old flannels into reusable dusters.

Food waste

You may compost or reuse various food items instead of tossing away leftover food or scraps! Onion skins and vegetable ends can be used to make a savory vegetable stock that is far superior to store-bought stock. Candied citrus peels make a tasty snack. In a cup of water, green onion and lettuce ends can simply be regrown. If it doesn’t contain oil, meat, or dairy products, whatever you can’t regenerate or cook with can be composted.

Paper waste

There are a plethora of fantastic ideas for repurposing all of your papers. Make stunning and practical woven baskets and trays out of magazines and newspapers by being creative. Newspapers, supermarket bags, and magazines can all be used as wrapping material. What about some biodegradable seed pots? Or make your own envelopes from old calendar pages? Make a beautiful wood-like flooring out of paper bags if you’re really adventurous.

Newspapers, supermarket bags, and magazines can all be used as wrapping material.
old papers can be reused

Minimalists and reuse

It’s tempting to believe that zero waste and simplicity are diametrically opposed concepts. One appears to be in favor of retaining everything, while the other appears to be in favor of tossing everything away! However, they are far more similar than their outward features might suggest.
The term “zero waste” refers to the concept of not putting anything in a landfill. Zero waste also implies not shipping anything to be recycled. For most zero-wasters, it’s an ideal we strive for: a journey with a goal we may never achieve but are continually striving for.

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