Is it possible to become a technology minimalist?

become a technology minimalist

We can’t live a basic and thoughtful lifestyle because of attention-grabbing technology, so how do we resist this digital distraction and focus on the things that matter? In order to have a healthy relationship with technology, we must take a minimalist approach to engage with the basics in our life. But is it really possible to become a technology minimalist?

It’s true that living a minimalist lifestyle can improve your happiness, health, and overall well-being. Despite the fact that living simply provides numerous advantages, many people neglect it because they are unaware of the benefits. Minimalism appears to be unattainable for those of us who rely significantly on technology for day-to-day communication or work. For many individuals, the issue remains: Can you embrace technology and still be a minimalist?

Identify your core values

A deeper awareness of your beliefs is required for digital simplicity. This is the yardstick by which you’ll assess the worth of any digital instrument. So, consider this: What is most essential to you? What do you hope to accomplish by the way you spend your time?

Authenticity, inventiveness, compassion, and friendship are some examples of values. These are purposefully enormous and ambiguous. They are, however, powerful glasses through which to see your technology. What aspect of Facebook aligns with your feeling of genuineness? Do you feel empathetic when you’re on Twitter or in many WhatsApp groups?

You can make informed and confident decisions about what to use and when you have a strong understanding of your values and how they influence your philosophy of technology use. You learn to value long-term meaning over immediate gratification.

Block some technologies

Rather than attempting to determine whether the tools you use are aligned with your beliefs right away, we recommend taking a week off from any optional technology in your life.

In this context, “temporary removal” means any tool or program that “would injure or seriously disturb the everyday operation of your job or personal life.”

Make a list of all the programs, tools, and services that will be essentially “banned” for the next week. Email for work is required, but Facebook can be disregarded. Make a list of these and post it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Block some technologies

Go for a walk

Take a walk without taking your phone with you. One of the finest ways to feel connected to yourself is to spend time in nature, and it’s also the best way to get some much-needed tranquility. When you’re surrounded by such natural beauty, you don’t need your phone. Make it a point to do this every day this week. Take a walk once a week if you don’t already. Keep your phone in your pocket if you need it (in case of an emergency).

Remove technology triggers from your life

Keep a close eye on when you feel the attraction of technology. When are you most likely to reach for your phone? Do you use Twitter to procrastinate on job chores or send emails? Frequently, our use of technology hides an underlying problem.

To fill the void of time, look for ‘better quality activities. One of the most important aspects of this decluttering is actively attempting to replace technology with other pursuits. Fill the time by reading books, going on walks with friends, working on a neglected hobby, or simply daydreaming.

Try to avoid multitasking

It is true that you can’t always avoid multitasking when you are using technology. You’re multitasking because you’re handling far too many things at once. It’s unavoidable that you’ll be working on numerous projects with tight deadlines, and we’re not suggesting that you focus on just one of them. However, we have discovered that taking a “one at a time” strategy is the most fruitful.

Even if you switch between projects frequently, be sure you finish each one completely before moving on to the next. Switching back and forth is far too distracting, and you’re not producing your best work when you multitask. Remind yourself to be present in each task whenever possible. To aid you in doing this, employ the one tab technique.

avoid multitasking

Start afresh

How many times have you opened your laptop in the morning only to discover that the unfinished article was still open in your browser? Of course, you’ll finish it, completely disrupting your day’s plans before you’ve even started. At the conclusion of each day, shut down all apps, browsers, programs, and other portals and reset. Every morning, you’ll be greeted with a fresh, clean user experience.

Organize files

Take the time to look over your files and folders and eliminate everything you don’t need. There are certain to be dozens of zip files from downloads or old folders with content that has been transmitted for a long time.

After you’ve deleted all of the unnecessary files from your system, sort the ones that remain into “frequently used” files that should be kept on your computer and “rarely used” data that should be uploaded to the cloud.

Do not save all of your files in a single, massive folder. Make broad directories, then subfolders for individual projects or subjects, for instance.

Keep distractions to a minimum

When it comes to utilizing technology, distraction is the norm, and avoiding it is a never-ending and uphill battle. Even when you’ve established healthier habits, it’s critical to check in and revise your approach on a regular basis. It’s important to check in with yourself on a frequent basis to see if you’re getting the most out of your time and attention. In the end, it is up to us as people to develop a healthier relationship with technology.

Keep distractions to a minimum


Digital minimalism is a way of defining not only what technology you let into your life but also how you utilize them. You can build your technology use around your genuine values once you’ve figured out what they are. You become more intentional, empowered, and productive rather than overwhelmed.

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