A complete guide to declutter home room by room

A complete guide to declutter home room by room

Decluttering should be done on a daily basis, but most of us don’t have the time to frequently rationalize and reorganize our bedrooms, kitchen, and entryway. In reality, it’s a once-a-year post-Christmas event for many of us. Decluttering a full house room by room may appear to be an intimidating undertaking, but if you take it one step at a time and in little increments and invest in some fantastic storage solutions, it will become much more doable. We’ve compiled a list of decluttering suggestions for each room to help you get started. So continue reading this complete guide to declutter home room by room.

What is clutter and what is not?

Before beginning decluttering, it is necessary to remove the waste. Sometimes things that we consider clutter don’t always seem to be. There could have been trash, dishware or paper littering the mess. When you remove these layers you may be amazed at what is left. This is actually less clutter. First. Trash- Get your bag out of the garbage and take everything out. Take things easy – Avoid moving everything. Take a look at discarded jars or paper plates, crinkled paper, napkins or other items. It is evidently garbage.

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But I might need it some day?

If you are unsure, here’s how to gauge the situation. If it is a small item and you can put it somewhere in your home, then it is a good thing. If you are unsure, then you can always store it in a closet or under the bed. The rule of thumb here is to keep only essential items, in an easily accessible place. If you have to look for something, it probably means that you have too much of it.

I can’t get rid of this stuff.

Don’t panic. The following tips will help you get rid of it.

  1. Give it away. If you have too much of something, then give it away to someone who can use it. Sell it at yard sales or in newspapers.
  2. Don’t let it take over your space. If it’s something that you use a lot, but doesn’t add to the beauty of your home, then hide it. A coat rack, for example, can be placed in a corner and other miscellaneous objects can be stored in a closet.

Did you know?

You are more likely to be stressed if your house is cluttered. The psychological effect of clutter is similar to that of physical clutter. Clutter can cause psychological ailments like depression and anxiety. Cluttered homes can be very stressful, and in many cases, cleaning the clutter can alleviate the stress.


Every home, no matter how tiny, has an entryway, and the easiest way to make it more practical is to tidy it on a regular basis.

Begin with any existing desks, consoles, or side tables in your entryway. Remove the contents of each drawer and make a rapid judgment whether to throw or keep each thing. Also, inspect the tops of each desk or console. Do you have a place to keep your keys and other valuables? Check that everything is in working order and that it isn’t overly crowded. This will make it easy to leave the house in the morning with everything you require.


Cooking, dining, and socializing are all activities that take place in the kitchen, so keeping it clutter-free might be difficult. As a result, the kitchen is filled with a wide variety of products. You may declutter your kitchen by focusing on one category of the item at a time, like cutting boards, glassware, utensils, or stoves. Alternatively, you can go through each zone.

The first step is to thoroughly clean each location, appraise each object, and return everything to its proper place. Begin with the most important storage areas, such as the pantry and upper cabinets. Then work your way down to the bottom cupboards, drawers, and the area beneath the kitchen sink.

Finally, pay attention to your counters. Remove as many objects from the counters as possible and place them in storage. On the counters, only keep items that you use every day.

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Another expensive component in our homes is our food, so dumping off old or spoiled things is something we should avoid. By doing this you reduce your food store storage costs so you can get everything in a quick time. It helps to make a better shopping list to make sure that your purchases do not always end with the stuff. Do you want anything removed: Take a box of food you don’t need or don’t use and donate the items to the food pantry. It is incredibly helpful to help other people in the process.


Declutter your closet can be a satisfying experience. Going through your clothes, shoes, and other forgotten stuff does more than just tidy your home. It might also help to clear your thoughts of any emotional baggage associated with these goods. This activity can normally be completed in an afternoon; however, overstuffed walk-in closets may require several decluttering efforts over the course of a week.

While most people’s initial instinct is to start at the top with hanging goods, clearing up the debris at the bottom of the closet is actually the more effective way to go. You’ll not only have more room to work, but you’ll also feel like you’re halfway through the closet in no time.

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Bedrooms are frequently used as storage areas for items that don’t fit in any other room. Clearing out and organizing your bedroom might take anything from an afternoon to a full weekend, depending on how cluttered it is.

Begin with your nightstands, removing anything that doesn’t belong, and placing it in the Put Away bin. Books you’ve already done reading, broken eyeglasses, pens and paper, and mail are all examples of this. Throw out or discard anything you don’t use, such as empty tissue boxes, dry pencils, or dead chargers. Also, read this in dept article about decluttering your bedroom.

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It’s really simple to declutter the bathroom. Purge and tidy the objects that are taking up space on your counters, shelves, and within drawers. As you sort through everything, you could be startled by what you have and how much of it you have. And with just one day of work, you can get this place in order.

Begin by wiping off bathroom counters, emptying drawers, and thoroughly cleaning linen closets in or near restrooms. Several experts propose decluttering many bathrooms at once to gain a true sense of how much excess you have. You may have enough soap to last two years without even realizing it!

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Once the clutter is relegated to the basement or attic, it can live there indefinitely. It can be simply out of sight and easily forgotten. When it comes to clearing out the junk in your basement or attic, you should plan aside a significant amount of time — these aren’t normally one-hour chores.

Working in one part of your attic or basement at a time is critical. Begin with a shelf, a stack of boxes, seasonal decorations, or old children’s clothing and toys. Clear the shelves if you’re working on them. Empty any boxes or bins you’re going through. Don’t go on to the next zone until you’ve finished the one you’re working on.

Move the items you’ve chosen to part with outside of the house before you start putting away the ones you’re keeping. If you’re getting rid of something, toss it right into the dumpster or garbage can. If you’re donating or selling something, put it in the car you’ll be using to drop it off or leave it on a porch or in the garage until it can be picked up.

Living room

It is one of the most difficult areas in your house to keep clean on a regular basis. This is because it receives a lot of use, and most living rooms don’t have a lot of storage. You may have a few bookcases and a television console, but they don’t conceal much. The trick is to designate permanent storage areas for objects like remote controls, periodicals, and frequently utilized books. After that, you must clear this area on a regular basis.

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