Here are 10 ways how to organize your dresser

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Do you have a cluttered or overflowing dresser that frustrates you? Getting all of your drawers organized can be a simple and quick task. Start with a clean slate and only restore items to the dresser that belong there—i.e., goods that you wish to keep but could be better placed elsewhere. So lets find out how you van organize your dresser.

Deal with the problem of empty drawers

The first step in a dresser organization endeavor is to empty each drawer of its contents, including those you intend to preserve. Remove everything off the backs of drawers so you can see what you have and what you need to keep. It is a good time to dust the insides of your dresser drawers. It will help you to prepare for storing your clean clothing.

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Remove any objects that aren’t in use

T-shirts, tank tops, socks, and other apparel items can be stored in the drawers of a dresser. However, they can also become a storage space for items you don’t use and/, or you will never wear them again. You can start the decluttering process once you’ve laid out the items of your dresser in front of you. A decent rule of thumb is to donate, sell, or discard clothing that hasn’t been used in over a year. Don’t let clothing that no longer fits you or items you have started to hate to take up precious space inside the dresser. It is time to discard those items.

Use categories to sort the items

You can begin by making a list of the items you want to keep. If you can allocate particular drawers to a specific sort of clothing—for example, one drawer for T-shirts, one for undergarments, and so on—great it’s for dresser organization. Sort your belongings into groups based on the number of drawers you have and how much will fit in each. You may arrange the objects by color in order to categorize them, so they’ll be grouped together once they’re back in the drawers.

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Avoid folding heavy items

If your dresser has any bulky apparel, such as pants or sweatshirts, consider relocating it somewhere else. When folded, such objects might cover more space in the drawer than you can imagine. Normally, drawers are perfect for keeping smaller/thinner items. Consider hanging heavy garments in a closet instead. Alternatively, store stuff you don’t use on a daily basis under your bed in storage.

Get drawer organizers

You can consider buying drawer organizers if you’re wondering how to organize things in drawers when the items are small or easily knotted, such as camisoles and socks. You’ll be able to recognize and reach each particular item when you need it, rather than sifting through everything you own. In addition, it allows you to replace each item in its designated area. You can easily get drawer organizers in a variety of forms and different sizes. Thus, you can surely find one that fits your wardrobe and dresser.

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Keep the top of the dresser clean

We recommend you not to use the top of your dresser as a dumping ground. It can help you to keep the room looking tidy. It should instead be a somewhat clear zone without any place for clutter. You should always treat the top of your dresser as more of a display area. So, do not take it as a storage area. It’s a good spot to store some jewelry or perfume bottles, as long as they’re displayed in a pleasing and well-organized manner. A beautiful tray maybe both decorative and helpful for holding goods you use frequently.

Don’t overlook the extra drawer space

It is possible that you were so successful in clearing out the items of the dresser that now there is an extra space in your drawer. You should use this extra drawer space wisely. You can use a dresser for more than just storing clothes. It’s also a fantastic place to keep handbags, sheets, toiletries, and anything else in your bedroom that you want convenient access to. Alternatively, you may examine whether some of the items could be folded and stored in your dresser to free up some closet space.

Use labeling

If you forget about what you put in drawers, you should name them creatively. In addition, you can also use some paint or different colored knobs to identify different drawers. You might also write what’s in each drawer with stencils or stickers. This type of labeling system is extremely useful for teaching children how to find items and put outfits together in their rooms.

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Seasonal changes

It is easier to find clothes when you have decluttered your dresser, especially when your dresser has a lot of clothes that you have not used for several months. Off-season apparel can be kept somewhere in the basement. You can use a free suitcase in the closet. If you don’t have any other options, consider dividing your dresser into “off-season” and “current” drawers. For example, keep off-season clothes in the bottom drawers and cycle your wardrobe in and out of them according to the weather.

Be consistent

Organizing your dresser, like washing dishes, might give you a sense of accomplishment—until you realize you need to repeat the same process the next day. However, the ideal organization system is the one you will utilize in the end. So setting up your drawers in any way makes it the most convenient for you to get to and put away your things. If something isn’t functioning, make it better. Also, keep an eye out for any unneeded junk that has made its way into your drawers.

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