A Complete Guide For Minimalists To Declutter Your Closet

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a clean closet is preferable to one that is unclean and cluttered. While saying it is simple, putting it into practice is often more difficult. Most of us have extra clothes and accessories in our closets that we don’t wear or haven’t worn in a long time. Looking at these overflowing closets might be distressing and make you wish you could start again. Follow this complete guide to declutter your closet.

Maintaining an organized closet will always take some time because updating your wardrobe is a process; however, you can save time if you have organized it well.


Make a staging area and clean up your closet. You can sleep in your bed or in a room that has been cleared out. This crucial initial step necessitates the removal of all clothing, hangers, boxes, folded blankets, and stacks of old periodicals. Hang your things on a collapsible clothing rack so you can see and sort what you have. Once the closet renovation is completed, the rack is a great addition to your laundry area. Take your time with this procedure, listen to some music, and get the help of a friend or family member if large things need to be relocated.

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Get everything you need to organize

You can easily start working on the next task if you make sure you don’t need to stop and gather extra materials in the middle of the process. The supplies you’ll require will be determined by your plans for dealing with the clutter in your closet. After you’ve gathered everything you’ll need, you can get down to business. You might need some boxes to assist you in rapidly sorting through your clothes. You might also want to acquire some strong shopping or rubbish bags. It’s also a good idea to purchase a measuring instrument to figure out how much space you have, a basket to store random items, and a mirror to try on outfits you’re not sure about.

Use multiple boxes

The strategy we’re talking about here entails having labeled boxes with instructions on what to do with the clothes you put inside. At the very least, you’ll need four of these. One box for things you’ll definitely keep, another for things you want to sell or donate, a third for things that can be recycled, and the fourth box for things that are clearly trash. Make sure these boxes have prominent labels on them, so they don’t get mixed up. The last thing you want to do is give all of your nice clothes by accident.

Do not clutter the front and middle of your closet, as they should be reserved for most used clothes. In addition, you need to make sure that all of your necessary items are placed at the front if you have a meeting tomorrow and you need to get ready at 6 A.M. On the other hand, if you have less-used items, like a formal dress and traditional clothing, they should be placed on the backside.

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Get rid of anything that isn’t in use

Letting go of clothes and accessories that meant a lot to you in the past can be a difficult step in the process of decluttering the closet. If we didn’t address the very real feelings of loss that come with decluttering, this wouldn’t be a thorough guide to organizing your closet. The multi-box strategy is crucial because it helps you to let go of items without having to toss them away. You can be at ease about discarding old belongings because your clothing donations can be tremendous assistance to someone in need.


We mean clean with cleaning products when we say clean. If your closet has been clogged with junk for a time, there’s a good chance that a lot of dust and filth has gathered inside. Before you go back to placing all of your lovely items back in the closet, give it a good scrub with some cleaning spray and a towel. Vacuum the floor and dust any cobwebs that may have accumulated. It will be easier to picture how you want to reorganize your closet if it is spotless.

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Divide items into categories

You can finally begin the work of separating and categorizing the clothing that you’ve selected to keep once you have a general blueprint of how the closet will look. To begin, remember to keep comparable sorts of clothing together. Sort your clothes into categories like pants, shoes, shirts, belts, scarves, and whatever else you have. Once you’ve divided everything, keep the categories in mind as you place the things. If you can avoid it, don’t put comparable items on different shelves.

Sort your items into piles based on how often you wear them. Keep the clothes you reach for most frequently in the closet’s center, so they’re easy to find. You can gradually work your way outwards through your wardrobe this manner, making it easier to stay organized.

Regular maintenance

Keep in mind that you will spend less time if you declutter your closet regularly. So, you can clean it once a month by going through your closet and giving it a little makeover, and twice a year, do a major re-organization.

Follow a cleaning schedule, either by season, date, or occasion, to make it easier on yourself. If you can’t find a crucial piece of clothes the next time you go shopping, it’s a clue you need to reorganize your closet.

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